South Park

In your face, unorthodox, and obnoxious, it can be argued that no TV show has divided opinion more than South Park. Taking all the TV shows unconventional humour and condensing it into a single slot game may have been too much of a challenge for some online game developers, but not NetEnt. They have created what many considered to be one of the most progressive slots titles of all time. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about I suggest you keep reading.


Gameplay and Design

The game utilises official character designs and TV show clips, so all that is onscreen will seem familiar. But while the game’s design is definitely a plus point, it certainly isn’t what defines this title. From a gameplay perspective this game pretty much features anything and everything. 25 paylines, 4 bonus games, 3 extra features, sticky wilds, and wild substations are all here and make for a truly fun and exciting slots experience. In total players can win up to 1,250,000 coins each time the play, which really sums up the size of the South Park slot machine.

Bonuses and Extras

South Park Slots in many ways is all about the bonus games. There are four types in total ‘Kyle’, ‘Stan’, ‘Cartman’, and of course ‘Kenny’, with each game having its own specialist features. For example, ‘Kyle’ gives players 10 free spins work with and the chance to win more, while ‘Kenny’ is a fully-fledged bonus game that gives players the chance to win multipliers and additional coins. Each game is activated when the characters bonus symbol appears on the fifth reel. You can rest easy when you play South Park Slots, as given the amount of bonus game available you are only ever a few spins away from playing one of them.

Final Thoughts

South Park Slots is much more than just another TV tie-in slots game; it is an impressive slots title that is both innovative and exciting on its own merit.

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